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If you are the proud parent of an athletic kid, you know all too well that game time means preparation time not just for your kid, but you as well. While they’re getting ready to catch passes, steal bases, stick landings, or score points, you’re getting ready for the aftermath. You know that a child who has been playing hard is a child who’s sure to return tired and in need of rest and refreshments. These tips can help you provide all that and more, all while making the sports-going experience better for you as well.

Bring Towels

Playing hard often means sweating hard, especially if your children play beneath the scorching summer sun. You’ll, thus, want to bring some clean towels. Not only will this let children towel off a bit, making them feel a bit more comfortable as they wipe away that excess sweat, but it can save that sweat (and the odor that comes with it) from seeping into your car.

Bring Umbrellas and Chairs

Meanwhile, you hardly want to be melting in the sun, either. What’s more, anyone who has had to sit in the stands for a protracted period of time knows how uncomfortable that can be, especially when that aforementioned sunlight is making the metal seats frying hot. That’s why you’ll want to be sure to bring umbrellas and chairs to the game to make your viewing experience that much more comfortable and pleasurable.

Bring Organized Bags

The champions of the NHL win a drink from Lord Stanley’s Cup. The champions on your child’s Little League team earn a drink of Coke and a pizza party to go with it. Even if you aren’t quite yet ready to start playing “We Are the Champions” for your child’s team, however, they’ll still want refreshments after the game, which in turn means finding a smart way to bring them.

Big bags are a good start, but not the only answer. You also want to try and separate the bags by compartments so different foodstuffs don’t crush or mix with one another.

With these tips, you’ll be able to claim your title as Sports Parent of the Year.