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Scott Fintzy

COach On and Off the Field


Possessing over two decades of experience in human resources, business, and leadership, Scott Fintzy is a strategic thinker by nature. Based in Glen Rock, New Jersey, Scott has built up an impressive resume over the course of his professional career. Not only has he mastered the arts of employee relations, talent acquisition, benefits, contract negotiations, cost management, strategy, team management, compensation, and organizational design, but Scott has also effectively executed his expertise at organizations that vary in size — from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

Although many executives often have a method to their madness or formula for achieving success, Scott Fintzy’s approach to his personal and professional lives is surprisingly straightforward: work hard, be honest, and show kindness to all you interact with. These values, which were instilled in him by his parents at a very young age, have served as the foundation upon which he has built a distinguished career. 

Scott Fintzy entered the workforce during his undergraduate career at Cornell University, from which he earned his Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations in 1996. As the Human Resource Manager for Student Agencies, Inc., Scott was tasked with the responsibility of managing relations for the entrepreneurial firm, which held over $1.5 million in revenue and assets across a number of business lines. 

After receiving this first taste of authority and responsibility, Scott knew that his selected career path was, in fact, the right one for him. As such, when he received his first full-time role as a Human Resource Representative for Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems, he dove straight into learning the ins and outs of his role before accepting additional responsibilities and challenges as soon as he was comfortable. This dedication to his work earned Scott two promotions in two years, thus aiding him in building the experience necessary to move onto his next venture: serving as a Senior Human Resources Representative for Pepsi Bottling Company. 

From there, Scott Fintzy would go on to diversify his areas of expertise, first by stepping into a Staffing Executive capacity, which entailed the traditional human resources aspects, as well as client-facing communication and elements of sales. In the years following, Scott moved into the more executive side of business, holding roles that ranged from Director and Vice President of Human Resources to Chief of Staff and Vice President of People and Culture. 

As it stands, Scott Fintzy is serving as an independent human resources consultant to organizations in and around New York City. This opportunity has enabled him to forge connections with a number of major organizations and serve as the Interim CPO of Quartet Health, as well as the Interim Head of People for Rokt. 

When Scott is not working, he enjoys implementing his coaching skills in the youth sports arena. For nearly the last decade, Scott Fintzy has coached baseball, basketball, soccer, and flag football. Additionally, he has spent the last 5 years serving as a member of the Glen Rock Little League Board. 

If he is not on the field, Scott can be found spending time with his two sons, with whom he enjoys playing one-on-one basketball, riding bikes, and reading.

On this website, Scott Fintzy will share his interest in sports and coaching. To learn more, be sure to visit his blog page.